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About Us

At LeaseMax we believe that the car leasing experience should be one that involves trust, integrity, and most importantly happiness. To identify these values we have made it our sole responsibility to only provide the best and most honest journey for our clients.

Everyone knows that feeling of hearing about a great deal and being ecstatic at the thought of getting into that new car. To the buyer it seems like a very simple thing, I pay the asking price and I leave with the car I want. Too often these excited moments get tarnished by dealer habits of trying to make an extra buck, not being completely upfront about details, and just being plain rude. LeaseMax and the entire SMG family is taking back the joy and excitement of leasing a new car and we have economy car specialists to get you the best deal you deserve.

We have the knowledge to handle the dealer nonsense since we have been in the business for some time now. Dealers and Salesmen will do everything they can to get you that car but unfortunately they don’t always get the best rates. We check every possible lender against your credit score and have a deal for you waiting on the other end. No endless virtual car lots that barely get updated, just type in what you want and one of our economy car specialists will find it for you at the best price possible. Just Click the Easy Lease Quote Button to get started!

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