Awesome! Let’s get down to the details…

I Want to Negotiate Myself  (What we provide):

  • Provide us with a link of the car/truck you have in mind
  • Report with key numbers to be used in negotiations
  • Guarantee certificate showing comparable vehicle at our price
  • Tips and dealer secrets on how to negotiate your deal
  • Tools that will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • Approach the negotiation with confidence
  • Peace of mind that your deal will be the best deal possible
I want to negotiate myself

I Want you to Negotiate (What we provide):

  • We set you up with one of our experienced auto brokers
  • Save you time by finding the car for you
  • Negotiate for you and save you money
  • Peace of mind by having a reputable company representing you
  • No more frustrating trips to a dealership and dealing with salespeople
  • First Class delivery to your home
  • Paperwork is signed when delivered within matter of minutes
I want you to negotiate for me