Awesome! Let’s get down to the details…

What is LeaseMax is what you may be thinking:

  • LeaseMax is for the individual that knows what they want and just needs the inside secrets
  • You send us a link to the actual car or cars you have in mind, we plug the numbers into our bank software and send you the rock bottom numbers that the dealership never wants you  to see!!!
  • We send you a bank rate sheet with what your payment should be based on the criteria you have entered.
  • We also send you a 3 page guide on how to approach the dealership, some shortcuts and things to look out for!!
  • We show you how the dealership could show you a discount but really be squeezing profits in the back end of the deal and you would never know!!
  • Approach the dealership ready and loaded, and watch their jaws drop. 
  • Peace of mind that your deal will be the best deal possible!!
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