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I was referred to LeaseMax from my friend who got a car from them a few weeks ago. My lease was coming to an end and I really wanted to get into the new CLA Mercedes, which is my absolute fav car! I thought the price would be too high because I went to the dealership and the rates they gave me weren’t affordable at all (for me at least)….I thought I would call leasemax and see what they could offer me. All I could say is the entire process was FLAWLESS. I hate the long car buying process- but they really made it an easy and fast process. Not to mention, they got me a rate that was FAR LESS than what the dealership offered me. Thanks so much guys. You got me my new baby and I love her!!!!!!!

Mila Y / Yelp

LeaseMax was the best car leasing I’ve ever had by far. Easy process and great people. I highly recommend to anyone looking to lease a car.

Negar N. / Yelp

“LeaseMax gave me the confidence I needed to negotiate my own deal. Salesperson didn’t waste my time with a lot of back and forth.”

Theresa L / Yelp

“This was the first time I leased a car. I had no idea of what to ask for or how leases are structured. LeaseMax helped me understand and I ended up with the same advertised payment without having to put down a couple thousand for drive off”

Olivia L / Yelp

“I use to always get buyer’s remorse just because I had no idea if I got a good deal. The money I spent with LeaseMax was so worth it. First time I walked out with a deal that I had to question if it was good or not. Love my car and I love having peace of mind.”

Wayne C / Yelp

Made a inquiry through leasemax. Got a phone call right away from a gentleman named Clyde and he took care of the entire process and had my beautiful Lexus delivered to my door by the end of the night will defiantly use there service again!!! Great company fast service and best of all amazing customer service!

Art B / Yelp

LeaseMax was amazing.  I went with the negotiate for me package and their brokers handled everything!  I just gave them all my details and Mario called me back with a price that beat the dealership’s numbers by $40/month.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the service and I’ll be telling all my friends.  Thanks LeaseMax!

Claudia W / Yelp